Council News

Sale Commission

There will be no Association Commission taken from members selling at Association Ram Sales in 2017


Upset Price 

for Association Sales In England, Scotland and Wales is set at:

Males £200

Females £150

For Sales in Northern Ireland the Upset price is set at £200 on both Males and Females


Black Wool

The A5 size equivalent of black wool ruling has been rescinded at the 2016 November council meeting


The wording in the Conditions of Sale relating to Black Wool –

The Council have agreed to refer to it now as Coloured Wool and not Black Wool

Black Lambs are still not eligible for Registration


The wording in the Conditions of Sale will now be:

Coloured Wool must be declared by the Vendor at the time of sale, but Inspectors still have the right to reject sheep for coloured wool so extensive as to seem not true to breed type.  If coloured wool is not declared and found by the purchaser before it leaves the market, the sheep can be returned on that day.


Sale Inspections

The inspection standard for lambs is to be tightened up on for the 2017 sales and the standard will be if you can scrape the teeth then the lamb will be red spotted – bad mouthed lambs will still be rejected


At the point of inspection the Vendor or their representatives are to be available at the pen but not in the pen



iSAGE is a European Research Project  - Innovation for Sheep & Goat Production in Europe

in collaboration with SRUC and AHDB the NSA is undertaking a number of on farm sustainability assessments to evaluate the UK Sheep Industry as a whole - if you would like to take part in the survey please contact the association office for more details

Run in conjunction with AHDB

The Sheep Breeders Round Table is taking place this year on the  17th - 19th November

Eastwood Hall, Nottingham

the deadline for bookings is 20th October, 2017

if anyone would lke further information please contact the Association Office